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Georgia Regents University Augusta

Georgia Regents University Augusta (GRU) is a public university located in Augusta, Georgia, and is the oldest such institution in the state of Georgia.

Recently, The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved the merger of the Augusta State University with nearby Georgia Health Sciences University. The board named the new university after itself as Georgia Regents University.

The University was founded as the Academy of Richmond County in 1783. It offered collegiate-level classes from its beginnings. Its classes were overseen by the Georgia state legislature. Operation of the academy was overseen by a board of trustees until 1909, when control was passed to the Augusta Board of Education. The college-level classes continued to be overseen by a committee of the state legislature.

Land for a new building was purchased because of the enrollment increase. The Junior College of Augusta was established in 1925, prior to completion of the new building. The junior college separated from the academy and moved to its present location on Walton Way in 1957.

The college became a part of the University System of Georgia in 1958. Its name was then formally changed to Augusta College. It remained a two-year college until 1963. Augusta College was renamed Augusta State University in 1996. On August 10th, 2012 Augusta State University was renamed Georgia Regents University by the Georgia Regents Board.

Georgia Regents University is committed to the advancement of knowledge and the enrichment of its community. It also offers a climate that fosters a love of learning. The university offers a broad array of programs to accomplish its mission.

All programs and student experiences are designed to foster the intellectual growth of students and cultivate faculty members who are excellent in teaching. The university strives to be open to the voices of all its members and to appraise its success through the achievements of its students, faculty, and staff. By providing an environment of teaching and learning, GRU strives to become the most recognized in the area.

Georgia Regents University Augusta is organized into four colleges:

• Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
• Hull College of Business
• College of Education
• College of Science and Mathematics

Students are able to earn associate, bachelor, master, and specialist degrees in over 50 programs of study. They can also aim to earn a paralegal certificate and a cooperative doctorate.

Due to the efforts of a number of departments the campus of Augusta State University is a safe and secure environment. The public safety department is under the direction of Chief Jasper Cooke. The police officers, which are certified by the state of Georgia, are armed and have full arrest powers. A number of activities to increase safety and to promote positive relations on campus have been initiated.

Activities are frequently planned by the residence life staff to make living at Georgia Regents University enjoyable. Free campus shuttle service is provided for ASU students to move between the main campus, Christenberry Field House, and University Village. ASU students also may ride buses of the Augusta Public Transit System free of charge.

GRU has over 100 active clubs and organizations. Several of the organizations are run by students and funded by the student activities fee. Georgia Regents University supports and encourages the students in creating their own organizations. The Jaguar Student Activities Center is funded completely with the Student Activities fee. It also provides up to 30 student employee jobs a semester. It serves as a stress-free environment for the students. Whether they are sponsored by an outside organization or student-run, Clubs and Organizations in Georgia Regents University fall in one of the following six categories:

• Academic and Professional
• Greek Life
• Honorary
• Institutional
• Sports Club
• Other Interest

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