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Harvard University

Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is known for its motto VERITAS, which means "Truth". The school is one of the most popular universities in the world. Every year students from the different corners of the globe will travel to America in order to study at Harvard.

Harvard University was accredited in 1929 by NEASC (New England Association of Colleges). Harvard is the oldest university in the United States, founded in 1636.

The school was named after its first benefactor, John Harvard. This school offers four hundred masters' degrees, five hundred doctoral degrees, thirty two professional degrees, forty six undergraduate concentration (majors) and four thousand, four hundred sixty professional degrees.

The school's campus covers 1.5 square kilometers. Inside the university you can find a business school, a graduate school of education, a stadium, a medical school, dormitories, residential houses and many libraries. In fact, the university has over 90 libraries. Harvard has the biggest private library system in the world and is also the oldest library system in the U.S. Harvard University's library collection is currently about 17 million volumes.

Internationally, Harvard University ranks as third of the World's Best Universities as stated by 2012's U.S News and World Report.

When the name "Harvard University" is mentioned, many people would expect that everything about the university is expensive. But Harvard actually offers a wide solution for students to study at their campus. Yearly, Harvard University gives out financial aid to hundreds of students. As a matter of fact, more than 60 percent of students from Harvard College receive scholarship aid. For the last academic year, students who are from families whose income is below $65,000 and whose assets are typical for such income level, will owe nothing for attending Harvard College.

Harvard is known for its research endeavors. Among its widely recognized research centers are the Harvard Institute of Economic Research, Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Institute for Quantitative Science and also the Wyss Institute For Biological Inspired Engineering.

Harvard University also offers distant education through online learning. Harvard Distance Learning will let you earn the degree you desired wherever you might be in the world. In order to join any of Harvard University's online schooling programs, one must submit entrance requirements and pay the designated fee for his courses through Harvard's online facilities.

In early 2012, Harvard University, alongside with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced their lunching of EdX, an online platform aim to educate people globally at no cost. The studies will take place on the Internet where students will have to attend classes, create projects and do laboratory works through online tools. Students who will pass through the whole course's requirements will earn a certification from HarvardX (Harvard University's platform at Edx). The first two courses which were launched by HarvardX successfully enrolled thousands of students from all over the globe.

Harvard is known to many as a prestigious school offering high quality education. You may prefer to enroll for on-campus classes or you can choose their distant learning course or you may also take advantage of the free education offered by Harvard University at EdX.

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