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University of Nebraska Omaha

• The University of Nebraska Omaha, also referred to as UNO, is a public university in Omaha, Nebraska.

• Since the time of its inception in 1908, the university has had a strong reputation in providing rigorous academic experience to students with diverse backgrounds.

• At present the university has about 15,400 students among which more than 1700 are from 131 countries.

• Being a metropolitan university, UNO contributes to the community at large and supports the workforce.

• UNO is divided into two campuses:
1. North Campus – Other than the colleges, the North Campus also houses Art Gallery, Black Box Theatre, Performing Arts Center etc.
2. Pacific Campus – Other than primary college facilities, the Pacific Campus features The Scott Technology Center and The Scott Conference Center.

• The UNO campus spans more or less 150 acres and is surrounded by shopping and dining facilities.

• The students are provided with top-notch curriculum through its six colleges:
1. College of Business Administration
2. College of Arts & Sciences
3. College of Public Affairs & Community Service
4. College of Information Science & Technology
5. College of Education
6. College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media

• The college offers:
1. Graduate Education
2. Undergraduate Education
3. Distance Education
4. International Education
5. Honors Program
6. Learning Communities
7. Continuing Education
8. Teaching Certification

• Apart from these, special programs are also included in the university’s list of courses. These include:
-- Air Force ROTC
-- General Education
-- Thompson Learning Community
-- Goodrich Scholarship Program
-- Service Learning Academy etc.

• The overall well being of the students and other members are taken care of with the help of services like:
-- Disability Services
-- Campus Recreation
-- Health Services
-- Counseling Services
-- Safety & Security services

• To support the development of students there are a range of centers provided by the university:
-- Math-Science Learning Center
-- Speech Center
-- Writing Center

• Furthermore, student athletes compete in various intercollegiate sports programs.

• The athletes are popularly known as "Mavericks".

• Sports events at UNO include basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf and the like.

• UNO's Hockey is the sole hockey team of Division I in Nebraska.

• The campus life can be described as safe and full of life.

• One will be able to make lifelong friends and meet inspirational mentors who will guide and support the students through their academic years.

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