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Xavier University of Louisiana

• Xavier University of Louisiana (XU)is located in the Gert Town Section of New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States.

• XU was founded in the year 1915 but at that time it was a college-prep high school.

• In the year 1925 it became an accredited college. In the United States, it is the only historical black catholic university.

• The university offers 46 major courses and offers these courses on undergraduate, graduate and professional level.

• It is compulsory for the undergraduate students to complete 60 hours of liberal art curriculum course in the following subjects. The courses are in:
- English
- Fine Arts
- Literature
- Foreign language
- Natural Science
- Mathematics
- Theology
- African American Studies
- Philosophy
- Social sciences

• XU is accredited under the commission of colleges of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The programmes offered by the university are accredited by the following:
- National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
- Louisiana State Department of Education
- Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
- National Association of Schools of Music
- Association of Collegiate Business Schools of Program
- American Chemical Society

• Today the high school is known as Xavier University Preparatory School. It has a student center which is now known as University Center which was opened in 2003.

• It has a very big library which helps to attain education in different modes like through journals, e-book, web based electronic resources, opac and also has interlibrary programme facility. The information and knowledge the students get from the library is of international level. The university has a very dedicated staff, always ready to help.

• The university has an activity board known as the Xavier Activity Board. The XAB committee always keep on trying to turn up with such activities which work as recreational for the student and everyone becomes the part of it. the board organizes events such as movie night and many more for the students.

• The university has a office of campus activities organizes programmes to increase the life skills and leadership qualities. The activities it organizes are conferences, retreats and workshops. The activities under training, conferences and retreats are:
- SGA new officer transition summit
- SGA Leadership retreat
- Southeastern regional student leadership conference
- National association of student affairs professionals student leadership institute

• Leadership mini workshops are also organized. They include:
- Networking and business etiquette
- Leadership 101

• XU also has student health service facility, they help to maintain the health of students and also guide them to deal with health issues like obesity, health care disparities and chronic illness.

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